Healthcare Data Analysis

The healthcare delivery systems often function with overlapping priorities and functionalities. In today’s world of data, it is important to consider all of the necessary tasks and then plan appropriately to accommodate these tasks. Once a plan is conceived, a timetable for the implementation should be developed and properly administered.

Systems Planning

However, there is also the opportunity to gain efficiencies by relating resources.  A data system, for example, may have one source of truth for customer information which can be shared by many departments.  This leaves little room for duplicate entry errors and lost time with duplicate efforts.  Ultimately, an integrated System Plan will be needed to create the most efficient operations in the healthcare setting.  Therefore, the following steps should be implemented:

  • The first step of the process is to itemize all needs by department.  Each department should be interviewed in an effort to assess everything that is completed and what data should be collected.  Current and future needs must also be documented.
  • Secondly, the Plan should be conceived.  Collective priorities should be determined through discussion.  A consensus approach should be used to determine where efficiencies may be gained.  As the plan is conceived, it is necessary to develop a project-oriented stepwise approach for the process.  A timeline should be developed at this point as well.
  • Thirdly, the implementation process should be completed.  A project manager for plan implementation will follow through each step of the way.  Interfaces with other systems should be developed.  This will help the organization realize efficiencies where few may have existed in the past.

Adjustments to the plan will be made along the way and until the plan is successfully complete.

Data Mining, Data Analysis an Interpretation

Now, more than ever, computers are used to assist with many functions in an organization. Healthcare is no exception. Each department in the organization, of course, has a different agenda, which creates a need for different databases.

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